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24 May 2013

New Zealand Natural - Typical dessert after meal

Sometimes the name of an outlet plays an important role in affecting my choice of dessert and I was hoping
that the ice cream would taste as natural as the name sounds. My brother had the berry and chocolate
ice cream while the other cup was obviously mine. It was just a coincidence that I happened to choose
shades of yellow, not that I love yellow.  

Those two scoops were not only yellow, they were tropical fruits too! Enough hints
already as you could have easily guessed that the 2 flavors were banana and durian!
Thankfully the banana (darker yellow) was on top of the durian (lighter yellow) or else
the durian would surely dominate my entire taste buds, leaving the poor banana
feeling tasteless. Both flavors intensity were mild to moderate and did not have any

intense artificial taste. I found the ice cream a little slow-melting and not creamy, which
could be the reason of being natural?

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