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16 Jun 2013

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant - Semi Buffet

Opened at Plaza Sing, I supposed Hifumi would be getting more and more popular with people nowadays,
not because they have really delicious food, (but ....). My friend and I queued for about 20 mins before
being allowed in, and the dinner crowd continued to leave a line outside the outlet throughout our meal. I
had the Pork Katsuni Set which came with miso soup and rice. Simple comfort food of slightly salty onion
and eggs with large chunks of crisp-moist pork cutlet. Despite the pork being a little on the harder and
dryer side, I had no complain since these chunks of pork were really thick! 

On the other hand, my friend's pork set was pathetic looking and its portion was unappetising. He
practically whined the moment his set was placed in front of him, started eating only after staring at it
blankly for a few moments. His pork slices merged pretty well into the egg (well, thin slices), but his meal
doesn't put him down just yet!  

Did I mentioned that the appetisers were free flow after ordering a set? Seriously, it sounded like a mini
buffet with a mini spread and we had to top up for the entitlement of free flow of drinks. Pasta, vegetables,
grilled onion that were sweet, baby potatoes, jellyfish salad and really diluted cheese sauce! My friend and
I actually went for a couple of rounds to further satisfy ourselves. 

Overall, my favourite was clearly the caramelised fried sweet potato and baby tako
(octopus) balls! The fried potatoes made excellent snacks, crunchy, easy to munch
while the tako balls had crisp outer skin, moist in the centre and easily pop into my
mouth. This free flow appetiser concept would made Singaporeans go crazy and
willing to queue in order to spam on the mini buffet!   

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