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3 Jun 2013

Ichiban Boshi - Lunch with course mates

I guess my dessert blog would turn into a Japanese cuisine blog sooner or later since these couple of
months I have been dining in Japanese restaurants practically almost every weekend. Most posts on
Japanese cuisines would be slightly lagged behind due to my procrastination of whether to post them.

These 5 different sets were from ichiban boshi when I dined with my course mates one of the days
before our class. So coincidence that the 5 of us each picked a different set so that we get to compare
the differences. The average cost was about $20 per set which could be a bit pricey for students like me.
However, I had nothing to complain about since the food standard was rather decent and worth the fill.
Although I have eaten from this outlet countless of times before (normally choosing the same usual set), it
was a total different experience when I ate with this group of foodie friends as we chatted mainly about
food topics during our hearty meal.

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