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11 Jun 2013

MOF ; My Izakaya - Quick meal

I went dinner with my mum that day and the benefit of dining with parents was always that they would pay.
Anyway, I had another ramen crave and ended up with this bowl of Chashu Spicy Miso Ramen which
turned out to be not spicy at all (this is coming from a non-spicy eater). I felt that the redness of the usual
salty soup was just oil without chili. Everything was not too bad except for the 2 pieces of beef balls which
I felt that they were taken out of the freezer and not thawed properly. Soggy, marshy and the middle felt
raw! Really disgusting, out of place and a bad way to add value to the dish. The molten egg and chashu
 were decent but do not expect the chashu to be the melt-in-the-mouth kind.  

My mum ordered the Chashu Miso Ramen with its usual salty soup base that she kept complaining about.
Everything I described about my ramen would be the same for hers, only that her soup was definitely more
salty than mine! 

After our ramen meal, we shared this bowl of slightly chilled red bean dessert with plain dumplings and a
scope of black sesame ice cream. Although this dessert was on a lower sweetness level stated from the
menu, we still found the dessert too sweet for our liking. Thankfully those plain chewy dumplings helped to
counter the sweetness, making the dessert more tolerable. Being not quite a fan of black sesame ice cream,
I found the black sesame 
taste not intense enough and such flavor normally have less popularity.   

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