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28 Jul 2013

Gelare - Beautiful humps

My bro's 2 choices of ice cream came first while I was still pondering hard on which flavor would be best.
All ice cream came in the form of humps? 2 flavours meant 2 humps? The first thing that flashed across my
mind was...
Camel humps! Too bad I did not observe if they actually scoped the ice cream into the mold before
plating. Sad to say both the Oregon hazelnut and Macadamia nut were of mediocre standard. Hazelnut
with no intensity and prominent unique nutty taste was unappetising while the Macadamia nut ice cream
was just plain creamy.  

Eating ice cream when having flu that day did not dampened my crazy appetite. With limited flavors to
choose from, I ended up with Pistachio and Oregon mint fudge. Sad to say, the pistachio tasted like
an ordinary creamy ice cream with bits of nuts that felt 'lau hong' (like crackers becoming not crispy, as I
do not know how to translate this Hokkien word to english). Fortunately my other flavor, the Oregon mint
fudge was a safe choice which would not have gone wrong that easily. Mild minty tingling sensation with 
streaks of chocolate fudge criss-crossing in random directions added up to my definition of soothing.   

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