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8 Sep 2013

3 Inch Sin - Sinful Lava Cake

After the Japanese dinner at Rakuzen, I had dessert with my mum at 3 Inch Sin which I had seen many
online media raving about its lava cakes. I was spoilt for choice when I saw the huge range of different
flavored lava cakes displayed right before my eyes, landing me in dilemma. After much consideration, I
ended up choosing the original flavor since it was recommended as being a popular choice. Luckily I did a
wise choice by adding a scope of vanilla ice cream to compliment my lava cake. Not that the ice cream
was extraordinary in any way but it helped dratically by balancing the richness and gooeynes of the
Valrhona chocolate. As I ate this sinful dessert in guilt, I was at the same time having phobia of a bad acne
outbreak that would occur to me in less than 3 days time (my chocolate intolerance). I kept telling my
Mum to help me eat more portion of the cake too! 

What's a lava cake without tempting you guys with the molten core after breaking through the chocolate
cakey exterior? Watching the luscious flow of Valrhona chocolate oozing out! 

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