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14 Sep 2013

Fruit Paradise - Yummy tart, Yummy cream

Let me start this post with some criticises before compliments. This picture was taken right after (merely
seconds) my mum's Banana Brownie was presented on the table. Obviously I went 'what-the-heck' upon
seeing such a mess and was instantly disgusted by the looks of it. The banana brownie was still rather
warm and was this melting scene supposed to be part of the dramatic entrance? Couldn't they just
place the soft serve beside instead of on top? Anyway, the distorted lump of whipped cream dangling in
between the banana and the brownie was also an eyesore, looking so textured and out of place. If you like
dense chocolaty brownie on tart with semi melted vanilla soft serve, you would definitely want to order

As for me, I decided to go for the Mix Fruit Tart which the waitress mentioned to me was a popular
choice. I honestly did not believe her but still went for it as I did not want to stress over such an issue. As
this was my second visit to Fruit Paradise, the Mix Fruit Tart arrived in its usual grandeur, maybe due to
the height of stacking fruits with different colours and textures. I don't really care much about the fruits but
was impressed with the velvety cream and tart shell. To me, the tart was close to perfection where it had a
slight biting-resistance but still fork-breakable, if you would understand what I meant.   

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