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22 Sep 2013

Hachifukumaru - In love with Burnt Garlic Oil

How rare it was for me to not decide on where to eat and just go along with my friend's decision, hoping
that the restaurant he was leading me to would be a worthwhile one. We ended up at Hachifukumaru that
was located at Orchard Point which I never knew existed due to it being hidden at a corner. Both my
friend and I ordered the Chashu-men with the kind-of-new burnt garlic oil! I have already started
imagining the flavorful combination of it with the chicken broth. As we waited rather impatiently with our
empty stomachs kept on growling, we tried both the black oil and the red oil. The black was quite salty
and tasted like soy sauce while the red gave a rather fiery sensation. Finally, the wait had ended and a
piping bowl of ramen was placed in front of us!

Grabbing the spoon and savouring a huge mouthful of broth was the very first thing I did. A burst of flavor
hit my palate, with the intense burnt garlic oil already infused with the broth. We both ate in silence
throughout our meal, with only the inconsistent slurping sound being heard. Yes, I admit that I can be
rather uncivilise while eating something really fulfilling or when I am hungry. Besides the single piece of
'decorative' Japanese fish cake, those slices of semi-submerged pork were huge! Too bad they were all so
lean, a bit tough and too deprived of some fats. Healthier choice seekers, specially for you guys.

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