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18 Sep 2013

Ippudo - An hour wait, 20 mins indulge

It was time for another group gathering with my polytechnic mates! As 2 of the girls were not in favour of
having a buffet (excuse was not worth as they could not eat much), we ended up picking Ippudo at

Mandarin Gallery. The same group of us having tried Ippudo X Tao (located at UE Square) before, had
on-and-off cravings which lured us back. The umami broth of special blend that made me drink till the very
last drop as well as the superb melt-in-the-mouth fatty pork belly was the impression I still retained from
my previous visits. Besides being as noisy as a market place, we were actually quite disappointed due to
an hour long wait just to be seated. While waiting, we were also promised that in 15 mins time, we would
have a private room but no...... Anyway, the long wait actually had our noodles ended up slightly soggy
and softer than expected but the taste was still quite there.

Our group shot before we started slurping all that ramen and gulping the broth. Would we be back again? I
don't think it would be anytime soon due to such a long wait and the standard was worse than the outlet at
UE Square.

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