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17 Oct 2013

Coffee Club - Chillax with drinks

Finally managed to squeeze out some time to update my blog! So really busy with school as my term 4 is
coming to an end before the final term 5! Just could not wait to graduate... Anyway, after our Tonkotsu

King Four Seasons' meal, my friends and I went to Holland Village to chill at Coffee Club since it was not
too overcrowding as compared to the other outlets out there. 

I decided to try the honey avocado since I did not want any caffeine intake or I would definitely suffer an
insomnia. I felt the glass a bit small or maybe I drank a little too quickly. A well balanced, rather smooth
and creamy blend of honey and avocado. 

My friend's ice chocolate! I think I would prefer hot chocolate instead.

My other friend's ice latte! It was rather cold that night and we wondered why we all
choose our drinks chilled which resulted in minor shivers.

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