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3 Oct 2013

MOF - Azuki Beans Frenzy

You may have seen this dessert before in my previous post and it was my mum who ordered it again. This symmetrical presentation reminded me of the 'array' tool (technical term) in my
Rhino 3D 
rendering software and such a style would actually appeal to some people.
Obviously not to me as I prefer artistic and creative designs! I just do not get what's so
fascinating about this typical bowl of soupy red bean paste that was sweetened till it lost its
original taste. The scope of green tea ice cream was equally disappointing as it lacks the
intensity. (Intensity is one of the major requirement I look for in desserts, especially green
tea related ones.) Nothing could go wrong with those 5 plain chewy dumplings and they made
good accompaniment.  

As for me, I made a rather bad choice and regretted ordering this cup of hot azuki drink. It seriously tasted
like condensed milk and was extremely sweet - diabetic inducing drink. I had to add plenty of water to
readjust its sweetness to my comfortable level and the thought of abandoning this drink came across my
mind. (I changed my mind as I did not want to waste my $$!) So much for a chill out session. 

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