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12 Oct 2013

Tonkotsu King Four Seasons - Our Seasonal Craves

My second visit to Tonkotsu King Four Seasons with my bffs as our seasonal crave kicked in once again.
(My previous visit could be view here.) I actually meant ramen crave and not toilet crave as the picture
was to show the effort of decorating the toilet with miscellaneous Japanese related ornaments. I was
peeing while taking this shot! ...Just joking. 

One of my friend had the Autumn ramen (which I had blogged about in my previous post), while my other
friend went for the Winter ramen after much consideration. Winter was simply plain and basic, just as what
real winter would be like - Staying at home and not going outdoors while a heavy snowstorm is brewing
out there. Being basic has its own benefit as it allows you to appreciate the richness and milkiness 
of the
original broth. Sad for my friend as his egg yolk was cooked beyond runny!

As for me, I decided to try the Spring ramen! The odd looking ball shape cluster was the parmesan
cheese which I had mistaken it for fats at first. Hoping that the combination of basil and parmesan cheese
would enhance the broth and making it more savory did not work well for me as I just could not detect
much difference in taste from my friend's winter bowl (not flavorful enough!). The large slice of lean pork
was totally deprived of fats which I wanted so badly! I ate it up first as I felt that the leanness would
definitely hinder my enjoyment. Besides that, I suspected that the broth was not boiled 
properly upon
noticing that my broth had a couple of partially dissolved pieces of fats floating around. Nevertheless,
I still enjoyed my ramen meal and the free flow of marinated beansprouts!

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