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21 Nov 2013

Awfully Chocolate - I doubt the chocolaty-ness

Cupcakes definitely do not appeal to me no matter how beautifully they were decorated, not to mention
the dull decorated ones like the White Chocolate Cupcakes ($5.50) above. There was a suspicious 1 for 1
promotion for these cupcakes and we actually fell for it. 

My guess was that they were trying to clear old stock. The chocolate drizzled on top was disgusting as the
texture felt like instant noodles that has not been fully cooked (hard). Buttercream with almost no trace of
white chocolate? It helped to lighten the semi-moist chocolaty sponge though. Why was the base of the
cupcake wet? Did the cupcake pissed in its cup? I have no clue.

This unworthy piece of White Chocolate Butterscotch Block cost us $7.50 (per 100g). I felt that I had
been ripped off by purchasing a load of cream. (Just like the cupcake) The swirl of sponge had 2 layers, a
darker and a lighter shade of brown that were both equally dense, thin and to be exact, flat too. The
butterscotch had a sandy texture and an overwhelming sweetness level that I abandoned consuming it.
Was the sweetness meant to go with the large proportion of tasteless cream? If so, the cake should be
served upright and not flat down.

Thankfully I did not waste my cash on any of the drinks available. My friend tried the ice
chocolate and it was like diluted milo (even before consuming the sweet cakes). Isn't
chocolate meant to be their specialty and not make me think that I am risking my chance
of acne outbreak to try something unworthy? I guess the quality and consistency tends to
drop when expansion of outlets are too rapid.

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