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25 Dec 2013

MOF - Bad food, stick to the desserts will do

I felt so guilty for making such a bad choice, choosing to eat at MOF (Tampines Mall). The food was
really horrible and I knew my friend was trying hard to hide her disappointment. That was always the main
reason why I disliked having to choose the location to dine in. I had a really plain bowl of ramen this time,
with broth tasting like it was from an instant packet. The teriyaki salmon belly was slightly oily, coated
evenly with sauce but was too sweet for my liking. I just felt that I was overcharged as the meal did not
worth its price tag.  

My friend's fried udon looked really watery and distasteful and the look of it killed my appetite instantly.
She was like struggling to finish at least half the portion of her udon before throwing in the white towel.
Gosh! I would not even want to have a mouthful of those!

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