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1 Dec 2013

Nantsuttei - A random meetup meal

I admit that writing a post about ramen could be rather boring and monotonous, not to mention
reading one. The standard procedure of writing about a bowl of ramen so repetitive that readers could
already have guessed that it would be all about the broth, noodles, molten egg and chashu (or other
toppings like pork belly etc.) The Chashu Ramen I ordered came with a relatively thick broth of fragrant
black garlic aroma that have started to have skin formation on the surface. (You could tell from the picture
itself.) The soup base sure was addictive and I unknowingly drank a few spoonful of soup even before
starting on my ramen. The medium-thick noodles had a slightly chewy texture and I just love slurping them
with spoonful of broth. Chashu was lean and not the tender type while the molten yolk egg was really
yummy. (The egg was an add on and I kept it for enjoyment till the very last!)

Maybe my friend felt like having something spicy that day, therefore he ordered the Hot Miso Ramen. My
first impression of the presentation was 'so messy'! I felt the only difference was the spicy reddish soup
base and the additional of some minced meat. (Only a slice of Chashu though.)

Another of my friend ordered the normal Ramen, requesting no beansprouts and spring onions to be
added. With the addition of 2 add on eggs, his bowl of ramen sure looked pretty weird! Practically similar
in taste as my ramen. Not to mention that I noticed the eggs were white in color instead of the usual light
brown tone found in other ramen outlets.

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