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23 Dec 2013

Soup Resturant - 1st interior post

I just love restaurants with beautiful interior designs, and especially those with themes. Soup Restaurant
located at Changi Airport Terminal 2 featured Ancient Chinese theme and the first thing that caught my
eyes upon entering the restaurant was this artificially beautiful (cherry blossom?) tree. A little dim but a
cosy place to dine.  

Like the corridor of a Chinese dynasty palace with bamboo shoots sprouting along the sides. Only I do not
fancy sitting on hard wooden chairs...Butt hurts!

My friend and I shared a set for 2 which includes a bowl of olive rice and soup each, vegetables and this
instagramed picture of the popular Samsui ginger chicken! All breast meat but super tender and I just love
the ginger sauce. Too bad the ginger could not even cling onto the meat itself.  

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