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9 Dec 2013

Tempopo - The dish I wanted was not available

I was craving so badly for the crispy, thick and juicy black pork cutlet that day, but ended up having  the
Deluxe Tampopo BP Shabu Ramen instead. It was so disappointing after being told by the waiter that the
dish I wanted was not available. (Sold out that day due to high demand) Anyway, I was too starving to
take my time flipping through the menu and I quickly placed my order, hoping to beat the incoming crowd.
The arrival of my dish resulted in a deeper state of disappointment as I could barely see my pork! Hoping
to find more buried beneath the soup, I kept stirring only to spot the same few pathetic pieces of thinly
sliced black pork. Haiz, despite the broth being delicious and umami as usual, needing only a sprinkle of
chilli flakes to spice things up a little, I was still quite unsatisfied. I wanted more meat! 

My friend wanted to have curry to compliment his black pork cutlet. From the picture in the menu, he
pointed to what he thought was curry, was actually BP Miso Loin Katsu Set! Lesson learnt: Always read
the descriptions before ordering and not judge the food based on the picture. The set still looked so much
yummier than my ramen! (Blood boiling) It was crispy alright, only not as juicy as I had last time. Just
moisten it with the sweet-salty miso sauce that I felt a bit similar to bbq sauce.  

Crispy black pork cutlet! Definitely more satisfying than my thinly sliced pork. The crispiness looked like
shards of broken topaz.

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