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12 May 2014

Swensens - My childhood memories with my family

As I wrote this post, tons of childhood memories with my family flashed across my mind. It was the brand that everyone should be familiar with, 'Swensens' that triggered these nostalgic memories. I loved it back then when I enjoyed almost every food without a thought or a single complain. But not now as comments would naturally start generating and criticisms would be blurted out of my mouth. How I hoped to go back in time again and re-experience the pure innocence of food enjoyment.

I had the topless 5 and I got to pick any 5 flavors of my choice. Despite the inferior quality of the ice cream, I still finished it up, trying hard not to leash out a single complain. Quite a futile attempt I must say, but I still loved the thin mint flavor (since young)!

My mum went for the mundane banana split as usual. The 3 fixed flavors were strawberry, vanilla and chocolate and it was the same price as my topless 5. I actually did not expect the prices at Swensens to be that high since this brand is catered to families. 

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