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29 Jul 2014

Windowsill Pies - Love the tea-in-the-woods concept!

I finally got the chance to visit windowsill pies with a friend after so long! I love the cool concept of the cabin-in-the-woods and the entire place was totally packed during the weekends. I wondered why the name windowsill pies when everything except 1 looked more like tarts to me. Windowsill tarts would sounds really strange I guess.

I am not kidding as they really are....... tarts! 

Luckily I had the Entertainers app so I had a 1 for 1 pot of griffin tea + a tart. Check out about the app here!

I picked the Banana Almond Brittle which was recommended by the staff as being one the top 3 popular choice. The taste of banana was really faint and barely detectable from the mousse while the hard stick-to-teeth almond brittle was unpleasant and clashed with the creamy texture. Sad to say, the tart shell wasn't that fantastic either.

My friend had the Symmetry that has a lovely pudding fill with raisins, unusually soft crumble, crystallized 'plant' and a 'mushroom'! It tasted better than mine and I loved the garden feel!  

My food-of-the-day pictures of me sipping tea.... My Muscato Blanc was the really aromatic and more intense as compared to my friend's Aleo Vera Rooiboos which was clear, light with subtle fragrance.

Hi Mr Bear, finally get to meet you! You must have been eating a lot lately since you have such a huge belly! Almost everyone (including me obviously!) would be tempted to take picture with this huge residence bear. I carried it, thinking when was the last time this bear had a bath? Hopefully there were no fleas on it!

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