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23 Aug 2014

Grub - Dining in Bishan park!

Grub is a bistro that lies amidst Bishan Park with basically having more unique landscape view as compared to many other bistros. Built on a sub-urban landscape with a crane and HDBs in the background while the foreground remained sort of natural looking.

The fish burger is highly raved and often appearing in media platform such as instagram, featuring its crispy crumbed fish fillet balancing between burger buns. My friend sure was enjoying her slab of slightly fishy fillet! Although the wooden boards looked quite empty/spacious, 'a set itself would be lonely while 4 sets makes a happy food family!' - Quote by me  

I decided to go for the non-fried and healthier choice of sous vide glazed pork steak burger. Despite the really tender texture of the pork (the magic of using sous vide machine), I felt the overall taste was too bland and tasteless. I would want my pineapple ring to be more charred too. Best part for me was actually its bun! It was nicely toasted or grilled and having that fried 'man tou' crispness on its outside and fluffy inside. 

After waiting for more than half an hour and calling the service staff 3 times, our churros finally arrived! Coated unevenly with sugar, the exterior 'skin' was slightly crispy with very doughy-like texture inside. Both the dark chocolate sauce and tangy vanilla sauce were so diluted and watery that I did not bother to dip into them after a few bites. 

After a dip, the watery sauce would quickly flow downwards within seconds. Our table was glittering with sugar too!

Took some mandatory pictures from my friend's phone which turned out quite nice despite that grainy texture.  

Another one while walking back!

While waiting 'patiently' for our churros! 

Weather was so hot and it wasn't me that pointed the middle finger... Haha! It was quite a nice place to chill actually and I meant indoors where the air conditioning is so shiok.

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