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30 Aug 2014

Gyoza King - Like a Zi Char place

CBD area is still quite alien to me and I could easily get lost in that district, just because I do not work around there. Most of the meals around the area would be in sets, which proofed convenient and easily catered to the office crowd. Imagine everyone rushing for lunch at roughly the same timing in order to quickly settle their meals before heading back into their office.... Anyway, my friends and I dropped by Gyoza King for dinner, a perfect timing since the office crowd would be busy heading back home.  

Gyoza King felt like a cramped container-like eatery that serves quick meals. The menu is quite fixed: 
1) Choose your gyoza (chicken, pork or prawn)
2) Choose 2 side dishes (check out some of the sides below)
Comes with free flow of rice, miso soup, marinated cabbages and beansprouts. 

(Stir fried eggplant with miso ; Stir fried egg with tomatoes)
My favorite combo since the eggplant had a tinge of miso sweetness and the fried egg was fluffy!  

(Deep fried chicken with spicy sauce and mixed sesame ; Deep fried tofu with minced pork gravy)

(Chicken Nanban with tartar sauce ; Stir fried egg with chinese chives) 

Basically these were some of the side dishes my friends and I had that day. There were a couple more which we did not try due to personal preferences. Obviously we picked the ones we liked. I felt like I was having 'Chinese Zi Char' instead of being in a Japanese restaurant. Simple, quick, delicious and luring me to go back again.  

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