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2 Sep 2014

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert - Back to tradition

It was a great catching up session with my colleagues from my ex-internship place. Food really bring people together and we had our dinner at the  newly renovated Chinatown Food Street. We decided to hang around a bit more since we rarely had a chance to meet and have a good meal together. Both auntie and the other lady wanted Chinese desserts, so we ended up in Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, popular for its Chinese style desserts as well as snow ice. The place was seriously packed and it was not at all conducive for a normal chit chat session as we all felt like we were raising our voices, just to be heard by one another.

Green Tea Snow Ice with red beans, Walnut Paste and Black Sesame Paste

My choice of dessert was obviously the green tea snow ice with red beans. It was nothing special, just something to chill off the heat. Loved the sculpture-looking pile of flaky, different texture layering and perhaps I took a bit too long to snap a decent picture. It was already on melt-down mode...

Hopefully we all still have time to meet up in future despite our busy work schedules. 

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