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7 Sep 2014

TWG at Takashimaya - The tea menu was unbelievable!

During the Omy SBA event which I had blogged about much earlier, I met up with my blogger friend 'Ms Cat Lover' whom was with her god-sister (I forgot her name but I shall call her miss A in this entry). We had lunch and an unplanned high tea session together that day. The thought of our high tea session extending to over 4 hours was really unbelievable since we only met once/twice. We chatted like we have known each other well for decades, covering random topics such as mangas, cats, jobs, etcs. Anyway the TWG we went was at Takashimaya. The place is like a tai-tai heaven because we were served by different handsome and well groomed butlers. Definitely would please any tai-tais out there.

The tea menu was so extensive that I really had a huge problem deciding on my pick. While I was thinking hard on which type of tea would suit my liking, Miss A has already decided to try the Holiday in Paris ($11). She requested it cold which I think had weakened the mild lovely lavandar fragrance of the tea. Do Paris actually have a lot of lavandars?  

After flipping through the extensive tea menu for quite a while, I picked Genmaicha that falls under the Japanese tea section. Genmaicha is green tea blended with roasted and popped rice. It just smells so yummy! My friend had the creme brulee tea that has a hint of vanilla and was excessively sweet due to her adding so much sugar. Another sweet tooth!

The teapot was so shiny and clear that I spend some moments taking selfies!

Another one with a cup of tea! I don't like the large top surface of the cup as the tea turns cold rather fast.

Time for desserts! There were 5 choices but I have only tried 4.
Single scope $5, Double scope $9, Triple scope $13
Matcha ice cream was towards the creamy side with mid to high matcha taste. My tolerance to matcha bitterness tend to be higher therefore I don't mind it being stronger. The Singapore Breakfast tea ice cream (blend of green tea, black tea, vanilla and spices) tasted like assam or chai? Not too overwhelming but pleasing to my palate. 

Vanilla bourbon tea ice cream tasted confusing at first because I tried it without knowing what I was eating. The taste was rather unique I would say, not the usual plain old vanilla ice cream. Fruit Mountain Tea Sorbet was black tea with a mixture of golden asian fruits. The fruity tanginess was extremely refreshing, perfect for Singapore's hot weather. I think I tasted passion fruit and maybe mango in there. The texture of all the ice cream was really smooth and thankfully they do not melt too fast. Take your time enjoying while you interact with your dining partners!     

Last but not least, we had a light nibble on some slightly toasted club sandwiches (4 quarters in all). I am already missing the good chat session with my somehow new friends as I post this entry!   

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