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30 Oct 2014

L'Atelier TiramiSu - A Tiramisu Specialized Cafe

Located at the basement 1 of Clarke Quay Central, L'Atelier TiramiSu is well hidden at a corner, close to Exit F of the MRT station. After a nice big round of walking about, I finally found this cozy little cafe that specialized on tiramisu. It was the only type of dessert available and they had a couple of different flavors from classic to matcha to limited edition creme brulee. Without much thoughts, I settled with a slice of matcha tiramisu. It was a soothingly creamy indulgence with the ladyfingers being evenly soaked and not overly soggy. The only complaint I had was the alcohol taste being too faint and undetectable. If you preferred more alcoholic content, get the other flavors since the owner told me matcha was the mildest.     

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