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22 Oct 2014

Old Hen Coffee Bar - My first Cold Brew experience

From the countless amount of café posts that I have posted, you could have easily guessed that I am one of those who fell preyed to the café hopping madness trend. I have been warned by my friend as this is an expensive hobby. Thankfully I have managed to cut down on my indulgence. Anyway, I visited Old Hen Coffee Bar recently to try their popular cold brew white coffee. It was my first time ordering coffee from a café because I hardly ever drink coffee.

Was just chilling around and decided to take some silhouette selfies since I found this spot really great for photography! (Since I was alone, I got one of the cafe's owner to capture this priceless shot of me!

The coffee taste was pretty balanced in terms of the coffee and milkyness. I could actually taste the milk and the coffee that lingered a mildly bitter aftertaste! I felt a bit uneasy after that since I am just not used to drinking coffee, not to mention a (small) bottle. It costs $6.50 a bottle and I heard they run out fast! 

My timeless (black and white) shot that I posted in my instagram. ''A temporal time freeze from this hectic world while having a bottle of cold brew.''

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