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12 Oct 2014

Sunday Folks - Yup, I went on a Sunday!

Having heard that the people from Creamier have opened another brunch serving waffles and ice cream as well, I dragged my friend along with me to Holland Village to try. I have to admit that I was not fan of Creamier's ice cream which had high over run rate, resulting in fast melting and lower quality ice cream. However, I can't say the same thing for its waffles because they were easily one of the best I have tried so far - Crisp on outside, voluminous and fluffy inside. Seems like everybody is fixed on the similar descriptions of waffle choice these days. The instagram feed had been flooded with pictures from Sunday Folks already.

I was definitely not surprised by the crowd when I arrived at the doorstep since it was a Sunday when I visited them. The first thought that came into my mind was ''Is this a polyclinic??'' No offence but it looked like one because of the benches placed outside, the crowd inside and the large glass windows played a part into portraying that impression. Not to forget all those 'sian' and depress look on people's faces while waiting for seats. They only lacked the bell which goes ding-dong to signal the next queue number.  

Despite the crowd, I managed to grab a seat within 5 minutes! So lucky! I had the earl grey lavandar soft serve with waffles while my friend went for the salted gula melaka. Being a typical greedy foodie, I was quite pissed when my soft serve appeared much smaller as compared to my friend's. The problem with standardization.... Not surprising, the soft serve started its melt-down process rather quickly...    

Both of us brought down our soft serve from the top of our waffles as it proved too difficult to eat. After our 1st layer, we had to bring up the soft serve again because of its rapid melting rate. Troublesome right? The waffle was really yummy and I could have easily finished up a couple more.

I kind of liked the chocolate waffle base for the soft serve because it was still firm and crunchy despite having absorbed the melting soft serve. Anyway the focus is still on its waffles!
(I will update my creamier post next time because I revisited Creamier like 4-5 times already? Toa Payoh is just so near AMK that it is rather convenient for me to chill there...) 

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