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15 Nov 2014

llaollao - Soft Serve Craze in Singapore

It isn't surprising that I joined in the llaollao or should I say the soft serve craze. Am I dumb or what? I went to queue for about 20 mins (around 7pm) after my dinner when there was no queue at all around 4pm at United Square's outlet. I just got the standard cup with 1 crunch + 3 fruit toppings + 1 sauce.

Went out of the building to find a spot to take some pictures. Ended up along the roadside with a taxi stand LOL!

It was quite a bad choice because the weather was really humid that day. It showed no mercy to my soft serve yogurt and I ended up drinking it because it became liquid. So saddening...

The second time I tried with my friend at Somerset's outlet, the queue was as long. When handling icy stuffs, be quick to snap!

12 Nov 2014

Papasan - Festive Celebrations

Papasan is located within the 4 stars Dorsett Hotel, which is conveniently located right beside Outram Park MRT interchange station. The place is really classy with a mix of modern and vintage vibe. I was instantly attracted the cosy place! Good news is that Papasan will be featured as one of the new merchant in The Entertainer's Application! More information about The Entertainer's Application here!

My friend and I were greeted by the friendly people of The Entertainer's Application as well as the beautifully set up spread of appetizers and cocktail. The colours had a nice contrast which matches well against the vintage style wooden table top. The entire layout was tempting all of us to grab the food right away!

Here were some of the delicious small bites that were served that day. 

One of the more innovative dish was the crusted chicken rice balls filled with diced chicken. The idea was definitely from Malacca's famous chicken rice ball!

Looking a bit furry was the lemongrass chicken wings. Maybe the colour was a bit too dark and did not looked too appealing. Still, it was wiped out in the end.

There were watermelon sangria tapas fiesta served in watermelon halves too! I still preferred the non alcoholic one because I had to work early in morning and did not want to risk getting a hangover.

Enjoying tortilla chips with salsa!

Another shot! A bit posey because I just enjoy taking pictures with yummy food and chilling at the same time!

Up next featuring something in flames! Able to guess what were they?

It is called the Italian Mountain Baked Fish! Coated in sea salt which gives additional flavour to the fish. Removing the salt as well as the tough leathery skin of the fish to reveal the super fresh and succulent tender flesh beneath.  

Another highly recommended dish and highlight of that day was the Portuguese roast suckling pig. This cute little piggy was perhaps only a few months old due to its tiny size. A picture before it was dismembered. It seems like younger always = to more tender meat.  

Wait! Before we could exactly feast, there was a ritual/ceremony that took place...All cameras whipped out for....

Chopping of the pig using a plate! Head first before body ... and into small parts.... The end of it, the plate has to be smashed onto the ground for good luck purpose. Seriously smashed and broken!

Last but not least, the chef demo and prepared the 'sauce' right in front of our eyes! Impressive!

The intense chocolaty and sinful chocolate lava cake with mango cubes! Tempting the lady on the wall with it. You want some?  

Thank you  #the_entertainer241, #entertainersingapore ,Dorsett Hotel and Papasan for hosting us. 

Good News!

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8 Nov 2014

Holy Cow Creamery - Another neighborhood ice cream parlor

I made a visit to Holy Cow Creamery with a friend just a couple of weeks after they had opened. The little ice cream cafe was rather packed that night but we somehow managed to snag a corner seat facing the wall. Since it was new, the ambiance was rather in a frenzy mode with the crowd contributing to that factor. The ice cream were like irregular eggs nestled on a soggy nest. Waffle was limp/spongy and tasted really horrible that day. Felt like an unevenly mixed batter with a strong baking powder/soda aftertaste. My friend and I were struggling to finish it up. Ice cream flavors were forgettable and flat as they tasted almost similar in terms of their base. I get the feeling those recipes would definitely need some adjustments.

Ending this post with another picture as I did not want to commend any further about their ice cream.