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8 Nov 2014

Holy Cow Creamery - Another neighborhood ice cream parlor

I made a visit to Holy Cow Creamery with a friend just a couple of weeks after they had opened. The little ice cream cafe was rather packed that night but we somehow managed to snag a corner seat facing the wall. Since it was new, the ambiance was rather in a frenzy mode with the crowd contributing to that factor. The ice cream were like irregular eggs nestled on a soggy nest. Waffle was limp/spongy and tasted really horrible that day. Felt like an unevenly mixed batter with a strong baking powder/soda aftertaste. My friend and I were struggling to finish it up. Ice cream flavors were forgettable and flat as they tasted almost similar in terms of their base. I get the feeling those recipes would definitely need some adjustments.

Ending this post with another picture as I did not want to commend any further about their ice cream.

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