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15 Nov 2014

llaollao - Soft Serve Craze in Singapore

It isn't surprising that I joined in the llaollao or should I say the soft serve craze. Am I dumb or what? I went to queue for about 20 mins (around 7pm) after my dinner when there was no queue at all around 4pm at United Square's outlet. I just got the standard cup with 1 crunch + 3 fruit toppings + 1 sauce.

Went out of the building to find a spot to take some pictures. Ended up along the roadside with a taxi stand LOL!

It was quite a bad choice because the weather was really humid that day. It showed no mercy to my soft serve yogurt and I ended up drinking it because it became liquid. So saddening...

The second time I tried with my friend at Somerset's outlet, the queue was as long. When handling icy stuffs, be quick to snap!

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