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6 Dec 2014

Les Patisseries - Another cafe below the block

Despite being located around Toa Payoh Central district, my friends and I took quite some time searching before we found Les Patisseries. The place was slightly dim with warm red hues emitting from the walls. It was an odd feeling as it was not towards the comfy nor homely feel. The plus point was that we could take a peep at what was baking in the open concept kitchen. Quite a spacious kitchen I would say.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share since we already had our dinner that day. I guess the waffle would usually be the one that would catch any cafe hoppers'/waffle lovers'/cafe trend followers' attention. I was quite disappointed with the croissant and au chocolat because they were 'unfresh' and was not crisp. 

The tiramisu was not too bad, strayed away from the usual blocks or any form of containment. Creamy, soothing and balanced alcohol (or flavor), being soaked evenly is what I usually seek in tiramisu. I just hoped the size would not be so petite.

The holicks waffle with 2 scopes of holicks ice cream was wiped out rather quickly after it being placed on the table and underwent a few photoshoots. Not excellent but decent, it was plated with berries, sprinkled with sliced almond flakes and further sweetened with condense milk to bring out the malty taste. The slightly crisp waffle is suitable for those who want to slice through their waffle effortlessly. 

A group shot to end the day with tons of catching up and laughter which we filled the cafe with.

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