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19 Dec 2014

Pie Face - Pies!!!

It felt like a small outlet/food kiosk the moment I entered with my friend. The darkened interior was a bit gloomy and I was not quite keen on whatever they were selling. Despite my tummy growling for lunch, I still insisted to try these pies after doing a quick search of this well proclaimed Australian pies. Pies could be appetisers right?
I was quite surprised that they have a large seating area and the place somehow instilled a dungeon feel (or only I felt that way?). Here is a selfie against the pie face wallpaper.  

These pies were just mediocre and each faces actually contained different fillings. Too bad they were served room temperature (already cold) and not even heated up. Perhaps we were just wanting to move on for lunch and chilling in here was not an option.  

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