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25 Dec 2014

Rabbit Owl Depot - A cosy cafe for the 'studious' like me

I decided to head down to National Library beside ; just across the road in search of an ice cream café which opened its doors a couple of months back. Upon entering, my friend and I settled down at the best chilling cozy corner against the wall and lazed a bit before ordering. I noticed that the price of the ice cream was slightly more expensive than the usual, maybe due to it being handcrafted.
My friend and I both took the high tea set which was more value for money since each set includes a pot of tea, a scope of ice cream and a choice of either their snowflake waffles or their tarts.
We wanted to try both and we took one of each. Trying to split the tart was a horrible decision because the liquid chocolate ganache flowed out like no one's business, making me looked greedy with the plate coated with chocolate sauce. The tart was quite nice and I could guess their supplier because I have tried it before. The ice cream was served the right serving temperature and best of all, it did not melt abruptly fast like some other outlets that served lower grade ice cream *cough cough*. (Don't need to gobble down like some hungry ghost.) The rum and raisin had a decent level of alcohol and quite well balanced too. 

Both of us should have just stick to their popular snow flake waffles instead, since we just couldn't get enough of it. Don't expect a crispy waffle since Belgium ones are usually denser (less airy). Couldn't remember the ice cream flavour but I think it was hazelnut which tasted rather decent, rich and best of all not overly sweet. I am all in for rich, quality and less sweet ice cream these days!

Just another angle because the scope looked much bigger here as compared to the picture above...
Anyway, you could see the National Library right across the road. The place is decorated with cutesy stuff relating to both the rabbit and owl theme. Even their customized chairs mimicking the rabbit (metallic pipe ears) and owl stumps with a super small surface area to sit on. Definitely not for big asses to sit. My advice would be to choose the more comfortable sofa seats to 'nua' on if you were to stay an extended period of time there. I could not help but to disturb these 2 sleepy looking owls in their hideout.   

Mandatory chilling selfie shot with the table as the focus =.= .

Another clearer shot that I posted on my instagram @dessertingbeauty !

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  1. omg, there looks so good! :)