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24 Jan 2015

St Marc Cafe - Is yours a standing tower?

Having tried their matcha daifuku cro  previously, I came back for more desserts since I spotted the 1 for 1 Little Fuji deal from The Entertainer App!
Anyway, my friend and I could not wait to have desserts because we had an unfulfilling lunch that day. We were even more desperate to have Little Fuji (the name of the dessert) after viewing the 'display mock up' in the glass showcase.  

Thankfully my softserve was still standing upright, unlike my friend's which is the one behind! Pssst...we spotted another table being served a collapsed softserve and we could not help laughing at the guy's reaction. LOL
It was drizzled generously with sweet caramel sauce and I am not exaggerating when I say the smell of sweetness filled my nostrils. The croissant was rich, buttery and slightly flaky, proving to be rather filling as well.

Anyone else would always do that same thing for croissant/waffles with softserve? Making sure every bite have a combination of both because eating one by itself is rather monotonous.

How about a cross section view of my #dessertoftheday ???

21 Jan 2015

RISE Buffet @ MBS - 1st buffet of 2015

Thankfully I did not add 'No buffets' to my list of New Year Resolutions this year because that point would surely be in vain, just like the previous years. It was so shocking that I already went to my first buffet session so early this year...Yeah, that early...
I need to stop ... as my records for the average number of buffets I had each year was 10. (8 - 14)
I love it when the place is nicely furnished, giving me the impression of a greenhouse feel, maybe because of the glass panels that allows natural light to pass through. I felt like a dwarf sitting right beside a giant artificial potted plant.

Admiring the splendid architectural design.

There was quite a wide spread of international selections, including Indian food section which I got to savour some of those hardly eaten before Indian cuisine. (Not shown here)

I felt that the concept of the buffet was more towards the market place style. Not just because of this picture that shows an extensive array of vegetables fit for a monk's spread here.

My jaws literally dropped when I saw this section of breads! Gosh, what a spread. That's not all, check out below.

The first thing that actually came into my mind was how much wastage would there be at the end of the day? Maybe not for me but do people actually go for bread during buffet? Let's not talk about breakfast since it could be a stable food for most people, especially foreigners. Buffets sure have plenty of wastage in the first place anyway and leftover bread would usually end up in bread and butter pudding since the basic ingredients for it are just eggs, milk, cream and sugar.

The sashimi section never fails to put a smile on my face! Quite fresh I would say.

Just trying out (almost) everything available. Was a bit disappointed as I had expected a large slab of beef on a chopping board, ready to be sliced on the spot. Too bad chicken was in place.

I think my friend was thankful to the convex reflection of the mirror because it made him looked slimmer.
I did try out all their desserts too, but it wasn't much that I actually liked...

I kind of liked the design of the counter display chiller where the pastry chefs could place their buffet refills in. Most probably the pastry kitchen would be on a different level due to space constraints. Only the culinary side have that privilege because they had to cook ala minute.   

18 Jan 2015

The Entertainer Launch Party 2015 at Lime House!

Last week I was invited to The Entertainer Launch Party 2015, located at Lime House! Lime House is Singapore's first Caribbean restaurant that serves really unique Caribbean dishes. I got to try 3 of the tapas and they were nicely marinated, mainly infused with a blend of herbs.

Just a selfie on my way to The Entertainer Launch Party 2015! The wind was so strong that my hair was so messy omg... Luckily it was evening and Lime House was towards the after-work-chill / romantic setting where the lights tend to be on the dimmer side.

(Photo from The Entertainer)
(Photo from The Entertainer)
We were served some alcoholic drinks that night. So sorry I still couldn't finish my drink despite adding plenty of ice... I am just not suitable for alcohol ...

While hanging around chilling with some tapas and having ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery, I got to know new blogger friends who had similar passion (in food) as me. Had a chat with my blogger friend Monice who was at the event too!

P/s: I actually took many pictures with them as well as with the mascot. Too bad the pictures did not turn out decent enough to be post here. =/ There is always a next time...

I myself am quite a fan of The Entertainer App already! The app already helped me save a fair bit of money since I often dine out. Before drafting this post, I have already used the app twice!! See how useful it is when you are out with a friend (me) with this app??
Check out my previous post on The Entertainer App as well as some of the links of F&B outlets that I have visited using the app here!

Not to forget, until the end of FEB, users of the PROMO CODE '2015ALVIN' can enjoy a further 10% discount on top of the early bird price, which is only $54!
Those who are unfamiliar on how to use The Entertainer App, here is a simple step by step tutorial!
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15 Jan 2015

Beegurt - Trending of the mismatch (softserve + honeycomb)

It is quite strange that I sometimes crave for icy cold desserts during the rainy days. Feeling the chill and wearing a hoodie gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and a sense of solace. I hunted down Beegurt after spotting it on my instagram feed. Being located at a cozy corner of Thomson V Two, there were only 5 seatings. Of course indoors would be more comfortable because I am not the 'al fresco' dining sort of person.

My friend took the medium cup that consists of 3 toppings for $5.50. (Kiwi, banana and nata de coco) As I saw the service staff placing the banana slices into the cup, my reaction was no way I am gonna add fruits because they took up too much space! It also meant that you have to compromise on the slightly less yogurt!
Note: The nata de coco were still in their semi-frozen state and not quite desirable...

These raw honeycombs were said to be imported from New Zealand! I was so tempted to bite into them as it has been ages since I have biten into one.

I ended up paying $6.80 for the Beegurt's Special. Raw honey combs (that gooey lump) + 2 toppings. I wanted something neutral and crunchy for textural contrast, therefore picking the crunchy granola and sandy-like crushed digestive biscuits. So in love with this combo!

Time for some quick selfies before my frozen yogurt started becoming a yogurt drink. Another reason why I love eating frozen desserts on cold weather? They don't melt that fast! 

Despite the ongoing craze everywhere, I don't quite like the idea of having honeycombs on soft serve at all. Seriously?? Who the heck came out with such a mismatch? Yes, you could increase the price just because honey (raw honeycombs) sounds exclusive and natural. Besides tasting rather plastic like most people would mention, it hardens quite fast and became a nice unmovable lump. Super sticky and somehow my hands got a bit sticky too.   

I think it would be my first and last time having soft serve with honeycombs. Ending my post with a final selfie!

*Update 12/05/15*

 I realised that they changed their cup! The yogurt soft serve was not up to my expectation since it was slightly icy, slightly milky and mildly sour. Not the best but decent enough I guess. I had 2 toppings of pomegranate for crunch since the other toppings were not to my liking.

Got a little bored and decided to sketch the fake flower with the vase that was displayed on the table.