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15 Jan 2015

Beegurt - Trending of the mismatch (softserve + honeycomb)

It is quite strange that I sometimes crave for icy cold desserts during the rainy days. Feeling the chill and wearing a hoodie gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and a sense of solace. I hunted down Beegurt after spotting it on my instagram feed. Being located at a cozy corner of Thomson V Two, there were only 5 seatings. Of course indoors would be more comfortable because I am not the 'al fresco' dining sort of person.

My friend took the medium cup that consists of 3 toppings for $5.50. (Kiwi, banana and nata de coco) As I saw the service staff placing the banana slices into the cup, my reaction was no way I am gonna add fruits because they took up too much space! It also meant that you have to compromise on the slightly less yogurt!
Note: The nata de coco were still in their semi-frozen state and not quite desirable...

These raw honeycombs were said to be imported from New Zealand! I was so tempted to bite into them as it has been ages since I have biten into one.

I ended up paying $6.80 for the Beegurt's Special. Raw honey combs (that gooey lump) + 2 toppings. I wanted something neutral and crunchy for textural contrast, therefore picking the crunchy granola and sandy-like crushed digestive biscuits. So in love with this combo!

Time for some quick selfies before my frozen yogurt started becoming a yogurt drink. Another reason why I love eating frozen desserts on cold weather? They don't melt that fast! 

Despite the ongoing craze everywhere, I don't quite like the idea of having honeycombs on soft serve at all. Seriously?? Who the heck came out with such a mismatch? Yes, you could increase the price just because honey (raw honeycombs) sounds exclusive and natural. Besides tasting rather plastic like most people would mention, it hardens quite fast and became a nice unmovable lump. Super sticky and somehow my hands got a bit sticky too.   

I think it would be my first and last time having soft serve with honeycombs. Ending my post with a final selfie!

*Update 12/05/15*

 I realised that they changed their cup! The yogurt soft serve was not up to my expectation since it was slightly icy, slightly milky and mildly sour. Not the best but decent enough I guess. I had 2 toppings of pomegranate for crunch since the other toppings were not to my liking.

Got a little bored and decided to sketch the fake flower with the vase that was displayed on the table. 

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