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24 Jan 2015

St Marc Cafe - Is yours a standing tower?

Having tried their matcha daifuku cro  previously, I came back for more desserts since I spotted the 1 for 1 Little Fuji deal from The Entertainer App!
Anyway, my friend and I could not wait to have desserts because we had an unfulfilling lunch that day. We were even more desperate to have Little Fuji (the name of the dessert) after viewing the 'display mock up' in the glass showcase.  

Thankfully my softserve was still standing upright, unlike my friend's which is the one behind! Pssst...we spotted another table being served a collapsed softserve and we could not help laughing at the guy's reaction. LOL
It was drizzled generously with sweet caramel sauce and I am not exaggerating when I say the smell of sweetness filled my nostrils. The croissant was rich, buttery and slightly flaky, proving to be rather filling as well.

Anyone else would always do that same thing for croissant/waffles with softserve? Making sure every bite have a combination of both because eating one by itself is rather monotonous.

How about a cross section view of my #dessertoftheday ???

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