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30 Mar 2015

Asanoya - Japanese bakery in Singapore

I was so tempted to walk into Asanoya the moment I spotted the huge building with its name at the entrance. I obviously did, despite having eaten my lunch minutes before. Due to the time contraint that day as I was in the rush, I felt that I did not spend ample time enjoying the Japanese-style ambience as well as the food I had ordered. Also, not the best quality pictures captured too. So much for being in a rush.
I was quite surprised that my foodie friends on my social media platform hardly post any pictures of Asanoya's goodies. I wonder why? Could it be the steep price as I felt the pinch just by ordering only 2 of the most popular bread? Or the demand for bread isn't there?

The first thing upon entering the café, I looked out for the famed cube looking brioche that contained chocolate in it. I ordered it without second thoughts since it was stated as the No.1 choice. It wasn't buttery as a brioche should be, maybe being over taken by the chocolaty dryness. The chocolate lava did leak out from a small gap after slicing a fraction of the cube. The dark chocolate was more like a sauce since it wasn't as thick as I had expected it to be.     

The second top seller was the Curry Donut. The nice crisp exterior was retained since it has been deep fried while the soft roll was soft and cushiony, making it a pleasure to sink my teeth in. Loving the textural contrast as well as the savoury curry fillings hidden in there.

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