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28 Mar 2015

Papitto Gelato - Solo Chilling at Novena Medical

I decided to try a cup of Papitto Gelato, purchased from the diabetic shop since I was around Novena (Square 2). Time is really precious working in the food and beverage line. I only have a day off in a week and it has to be managed and spent wisely. Being solo and enjoying a simple yummy cup of gelato is all I want at times.

The gelato is produced locally and the paper cup looks so cheapo, which reminded me of those milo ice cream I had when I was young. The texture was icy, like a block of fine ice compact tightly together. What I did not expect was that the gelato melted so readily in my mouth and was surprisingly smooth. The sweetness was mild (sugar free) and I could taste lovely vanilla. (I took about 15 mins or so taking selfies before indulging into the gelato....)

*Update - 220415* Another time of solo chilling when I visited the skin clinic at Novena. Quite liked how the picture turned out with the background of blueish looking 'gateway'. 

Green tea flavor this time since I was already eyeing it previously. Same texture, same smoothness, with the same intensity.

More shots this time of me digging in... Waiting for it to melt faster from that icy to creamy state!

Hmm I somehow looked fatter here?

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