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6 Apr 2015

Danmi Soft - Korean milky soft serve in Suntec

Roaming around the huge building of the still renovating Suntec City Mall, my friend and I finally found something to chill on! We were slightly excited at first, craving for a soft serve, and hearing that Demi soft originated from Korea. There wasn't any dine in since it was only a kiosk in another outlet - a parasite outlet is what I would call.  

I got myself the manuka honey ($3.90) while my friend had the affogato ($4.90). Basically every flavour was a add-on into the cup of milky-soft soft serve. Eating the soft serve alone would actually be my preferred choice since I would like things original without any fanciful toppings. It might be a bit bland to some people though. I just have to pick the manuka honey because it just sounds more value for money while the affogato had a slight hint of bitterness and was disappointingly watery.

Haiz, no seats so will have to do with taking pictures outside Danmi Soft!

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