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15 Apr 2015

Glacier Yogurt - Consistency Issues

Consistency could be a huge issue for fussy costomers/eaters like me. I find it rather disappointing when I returned the second time to have my waffle and realising that it wasn't as good as before. Not to mention the third time was even worse than ever. Not particularly pinpointing at this particular outlet but the standard was really off when I see that part timers having problems with the waffle machine during my seconds visit.

The waffle hit the right spot during my first visit. Crispy on the outside, fluffy inside and drenched with dark chocolate sauce! The green tea soft serve was mild in taste, slightly bitter (green tea) and sour (yogurt) at the same time. I just tasted confusion. 

During my second visit with a friend, we shared the waffle with earl grey soft serve and white chocolate sauce. The earl grey was rather light yet refreshing but I felt that the portion was too little. The waffle standard dropped a little that time round. 

For my third visit, I decided to pick the cookies and cream soft serve with blueberry sauce since I have already tried 2 tea flavours. I would rather a messy but large serving of soft serve instead of this neat but pathetic portion. Was I fooled or what I tasted was just chocolate soft serve? The waffle was cakey and wasn't crispy, while the blueberry sauce was disgustingly as thick as my semen. (Raw egg white consistency if you don't get it.) I couldn't even finish half of the waffle and I finished my soft serve in a few mouthful. 

Just a waffle selfie...

Last but not least, I had another go with the fruit type of yogurt softserve this time round. The lychee flavor really went well with the natural sourness of the yogurt! It was pleasant since the waffle that day was supposedly the peak of their standard, as far as their batter could go.    

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