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22 Apr 2015

Milk and Honey - Artisan Yogurt and Dessert Bar

Typical of me, large serving portions would usually tempt me more than pathetic serving size. Milk and Honey would be one of those which I felt would be worth the while and could satisfy a glutton like me. The Vanilla Raspberry was one of the less fanciful looking parfait as compared to the others. The yogurt based soft serve was rich, creamy and had a prominent sourness that could easily be a like it or hate it thing. For me, it was definitely a like it while I had a friend who tried, mentioned that it was too sour for him to finish. Anyway, components were simple here, meringue, vanilla sauce, raspberry jam, etc.   

Healthy Mix, not exactly since strawberries and mangoes were not available that day. I get to choose 2 substitutes from the very limited list and I ended up with 2 type of jellies. (Too bad their taste clashed). While some people just love to have more components (the more the merrier), I still would prefer the 'plain jane'. Enjoying the natural taste of the yogurt would be sufficient for me.  

Same goes for the Royal Honey, I would smile in delight just by looking at the serving size. Some people find it too filling or might get sick of the taste. I kind of liked that slice of bitter dried orange garnish on top, but not those 'lao hong' (soft) popcorns. Something I would like to highlight would be 2 students were seen hogging 4 seats while a queue was forming outside the outlet at City Square Mall. Luckily I managed to get seats or I sure kpkb.

The series of pictures below is my eating time lapse!

 Finally arrive!

 *Grabbed the spoon* Gonna dig in!

 Sticky honey drizzled all over!

 *Takes a spoonful of soft serve*

YUM! (My 4th visit by the way!)

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