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22 May 2015

7 degrees c gelato - Ice cream around CBD

This was quite some time back when I went hunting for food using a food application on my Ipad mini. I felt greedy that day, somehow wanting to eat many scoops, and the weather was definitely the factor. I was glad that the matcha was somewhat intense, slightly powdery but perfect for a matcha lover like me. Heard that both ice cream and their crispy waffle cone were made in their central kitchen. Too bad the waffle cone started leaking...

Just random selfie...

The second time I tried the rum and raisins since it was another of my favourite flavour. Creamy with a mild taste of rum which I fancy. Just that the raisins felt dry and hard, perhaps not soaked long enough in rum.

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1 comment:

  1. Hello there! Samuel from 7 Degrees C here! Sorry that I only found this so late but still thank you for getting our gelato! :) Glad you enjoyed the matcha flavour! It's one of my personal favourites too! :) Hope to see you again! :)

    P.s Your photos are really awesome! If you ever decide to post a #throwback photo on your instagram, do tag us @7degreesc :)