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9 May 2015

Les Patisseries - Pick the right choice if not...

It was just another day of laziness when I felt too 'nua' to travel far, yet wanting to chill and enjoy some café atmosphere. The feeling led me back to Les Patisseries, just 3 stations away from my place.
After glancing through the menu several times as well as alternate peeping at the cake display which had a really limited supply of cakes that day, I randomly picked the truffle fries to share with my friend. It was so unlikely of me to order such a deep fried, unhealthy dish. 'Shit, what did I just ordered?', I thought to myself after the plate of greasy fries arrived on my table. The top layer was obviously more crispy than its base, with a slight hint of earthy truffle.
The first thing I noticed when I poked my fork into the cake was the layer of chocolate glaze. Did I see jelly!? Must have been too much gelatine in there and I just find 'jelly' layer on cakes so not appealing. The cake was just so-so and my friend and I got sick of the taste and could not even finish it.

The citrus tart fared much better since its tart shell was not too crumbly nor hard. The tartness of the lemon curd was refreshing and I just hoped that I did not have to share this! We were like snatching to dig into this one.

Sad to say that I was really disappointed with their macaroons. The shells were so inconsistent - 1 was hard like biscuit, 1 was soft like meringue and the other was in between. Different flavours were born on different day I supposed. I am totally not a macaroon fan because they seems overly sweet to me. (Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla) 

Anyway, it wasn't my first time here and I would prefer to have waffles anytime over their pastries. Too bad my friend was not a fan of waffles. Oh well... Check out my previous post here!

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