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17 Jun 2015

Dessert bowl - My bowl of thoughts

This post was quite sometime back, before my unfortunate trip overseas. It seems like the mood to blog haven't been returning while I still pondered about what do I actually want to achieve in life. My instagram feed have been more active recently since it is way more convenient for me on the go. 

Anyway, Dessert Bowl is on the 2nd level along Serangoon Garden. The entire place was empty that day, which was about 4pm. Not the most desirable window view you could get but at least it felt better to see the world goes by.  

The Durian Mousse ($5.00) was thick and creamy, with icy bits around. thankfully it did not taste diluted and I enjoyed the bitter durian flesh.

My mum had the Mango Pamelo Sago ($4.20), which had a dominant sweetness over its sour counterpart. A refreshing choice though.

Some random relaxing shots after enjoying the desserts.

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