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30 Aug 2015

Doi Chaang Coffee - Coffee Addiction

 Perhaps this was the time that I got to love coffee. Yeah, like a break though, suddenly falling in love with the strong bold flavour and the strong bitter aftertaste after a gulp of Doi Channg Signature. I was with a friend at Johor Bahru City Square Mall that day, like many other typical Singaporean taking the advantage of the irresistibly good exchange rate from SGD to RM. The brand name caught my attention, originated from Thailand and was quite popular, to me at least. I should have tried it from the outlets when I was in Bangkok a few months back but I did not manage to spot any. That was it, I had my second round recently at Rochester Mall since my cravings kicked in.
Besides their coffee, I grabbed a slice of their crepe cake as well. It was decent, each layer thicker, but not as soft as Lady M's , which could be due to the serving temperature. Each layer was distinct, beautifully layered and I had finished it up within 2 minutes, without waiting for it to 'defrost' slightly.   

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