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10 Aug 2015

Lady M - Satisfying my Craves

 It felt really meaningless waiting, waiting for my next phrase of my life to begin. I barely work for 3 years in the food and beverage industry and I could see why other people would not pick this industry in the first place. I had my fair share of complains as well as small achievements that I was satisfied with. The long working hours, the lack of social time as well as being caged in a kitchen (just to list a few reasons) added on to my impending boredom.
I have made my decision to leave a month back. Accepted a job offer and now awaiting to begin in September. No use staying on if the dreaded feeling has been already activated within myself right?

I have been spending quite a bit lately, gouging myself with food like having 2 plates of chicken rice during a meal, or a bowl of rice with a whole spring chicken which left me overly bloated. Not to forgot those desserts and cakes which I have been trying hard to cut down since my income have been stagnant for quite a while. Is it just me or it is just so difficult to make a decision relating to my career goals? I actually realized that some people do jump from industry to industry, which is not what I hope to do. Anyway, enough of ranting and time to show some beautiful pictures of the cakes I had at Lady M at Orchard Central the other day. My second time enjoying such quality cakes from Lady M. Check out my first experience here!
How I love the natural lighting, making my pictures so clear! I had the Gateau au Chocolat since I was desperately craving for chocolate that day. It turned out really satisfying, exactly what I wanted, rich, fudgy and slightly bitter. I almost thought the sponge wasn't there which I do not mind at all. The tiny walnut bits was just kind of pathetic, that's all.  

The all time star (to me), the Green Tea Mille Crepes cake! Read between the lines, and in this case the crepes, you get lovely light matcha flavoured cream. I have tried crepe cakes from a couple of other places but Lady M's rendition is still my favourite since no one else could beat its fork tender crepe. 

I quite love this shot. Random yet visually in place? My friend's hand came into the picture suddenly and it just somehow fitted in. Only that the shadow of myself taking the photo was kind of obvious.
Side note: The servers here in Lady M definitely have a good load of exercise, walking up and down the steps since there were 3 levels. Free leg training anyone?? 

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