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12 Sep 2015

Rainbow Cottage Cafe - A walk behind my block

It was 4pm, not the best time for desserts as dinner time was closing in. I ignored that fact and walked right into the cafe anyway. I was greeted by 2 cheerful staffs, easily defined as part timers.  
I wondered why, in a moment of being indecisive ended up ordering the paddlepop cheesecake as well. How the colours stuck fear in me as if they were venom.
Besides the obnoxious colours (probably to me since most people would love the beauty of rainbow colours), the cheesecake texture was really light and I immediately fell in love with its texture. The lightness was almost like a Japanese style cheesecake, fragile yet maintaining its form well. As I ate from the lighter colour towards the darker tones, I was hoping to be blindfolded. I couldn't help staring at the colours as I carefully, if not fearfully placing portions by portions into my mouth, from time to time as I read my book. In the end I still couldn't bring myself to finish up the blue and purple portion. Was I overly paranoid? I would gladly order a plain, colourless cheesecake if they have. 
Another thing I enjoyed was the base of the cheesecake. That specific thickness was proportional and the taste somehow reminded me of gingerbread. Perhaps because of its dull brown tone, the slightest grainy-soft texture or the taste of it. But yet it could only be my assumption and could not be justified by anyone since I was on a solo hopping (café). Maybe not café hopping but just having a walk behind my neighbourhood.
The waffle came crispy on the outside but a bit dry since the small scoop of ice cream did not provide enough moisture for me. I had a whiff of eggy aroma coming out of the waffle and yet could not confirm with anyone once again. The ice cream was made by the boss's friend as mentioned by the staff, so I considered it artisanal. I tasted 3 flavours and finally decided on salted caramel that contained some nuts. I felt the quality in there, luring me to go back again for their other flavours.     


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