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5 Sep 2015

Tsujiri - A Japanese Dessert Stop in Singapore

Japanese desserts without the Japanese ambience just did not feel right. I am often envious of people staying in Japan. Their desserts are easily found in those really cosy teahouses, beautifully or traditionally furnished that I would refuse to even leave after the tea session. Anyway, I had been to Tsujiri a couple of times, clearly loving their matcha related desserts. Tsujiri Shaved Ice (O-maccha) was so pleasurable to consume. The sweet-bitter matcha soft serve was not only found on top but also in between the shaved ice. The more the components, the more delighted I get since they were different in textures and taste. (From the mushy red bean paste to the plain chewy dumplings to the soft and sweet chestnut.) The Signature Uji - Kintoki was without the matcha soft serve and the chestnut and mainly frozen all over. Loads of super coarse and chunky shaved ice drizzled with sweet matcha syrup.
Despite being a alfresco style location and very minimal indoor seating (like 2 seats only?), the outlet at Clarke Quay was quite modern and I had to grab a cup of Hojicha Ice Blended to chill there while watching time flies. I tried the red bean ice blended too but it was just so disappointingly diluted and I tasted yuzu from it too.
Tsujiri Shaved Ice (O-maccha)    
Signature Uji - Kintoki
Hojicha Ice Blended

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