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15 Oct 2015

The Dwelling Place X Karafuru Desserts

 Yay great! I need not crack my brain to think of where to have my dinner since the destination has already been set by my friend. My friend is the type who usually hunt for cafés that open its doors in less than a month or even a few days old. His aim is simply to help these new outlets gain awareness via his social media posts. As for me, I would prefer to visit an established outlet.
That day, despite the distance from Farrer Park Mrt, we made our way to The Dwelling Place. It was surprising to find 2 more cafes along that same stretch of road. The first thing that caught my attention was the spiral staircase. Photos were allowed on the stairs only since the second floor was not accessible to public. Here goes a couple of shots!

I ordered the brown rice pumpkin risotto with crispy pumpkin chips and silverfish. Slightly bland, healthy nevertheless and I felt like I was eating baby food since it was mildly sweet and porridge-like.
My friend had the pasta with shredded chicken breast. It was a bit bland to him too... 
The ambience was perfect to chill while the service staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and polite! Thumbs up!!!! 

After our meal, we walked to Karafuru for our desserts! Not an advisable walking distance I would say since I was perspiring slightly by the time I reached the outlet. 
The interior was brightly lit up and 'white-washed'. I preferred the opposite contrast. The place was really packed and sad to say, with the remaining 2 options of éclair left, we took the Yuzu. The coating of the marzipan had a shiny gloss with distinct almond taste (obviously since it was marzipan). The custard was thick and firm.  
I actually jokingly asked the staff why the interior is white, after she mentioned that Karafuru meant colourful in Japanese. Must be their desserts and their namecards! Another thing I fancied was their utensils. Forks, spoons as well as their knives were all made of wood. I love wood, maybe not when it touches my tongue. 

After a bit of debate, we finally ended up with the Hanami Parfait which consisted of several of these components - Fast-to-melt and milky vanilla soft serve, dango balls, sakura biscuit, cookie base, vanilla pudding, red berries, corn flakes look-a-like crunch, a sakura-flavoured light sponge cake as well as a little jug of diluted strawberry sauce to pour over.  
It seems like I visit cafés only once if not twice due to the steep price tags these days. A warm gathering with friends would be the only factor that could distract me for a moment before feeling the pinch of the price tag once again. Oh well...


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