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31 Dec 2012

Orange Chiffon Cake

An orange chiffon cake I baked before my term 1 exams! It was like almost a month back and I finally
made the effort to post this up! It did not seems to raise enough but still, the chiffon was soft and spongy
while the orangey flavor was rather prominent as I juiced an entire large orange. I admit that this was my
second attempt because I screwed up in my first attempt. I folded in my meringue into the dry ingredients
and realised that my bowl of wet ingredients was still sitting patiently on the other side of my table. Wth
right? A really dumb mistake that caused me to waste my ingredients and effort!

Let this post be the last for the year 2012 as in a couple of hours time, it would be a brand New Year of
1013! My blog will once again change its focus and new goals awaits me!    

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  1. Howdy Alvin,
    I was brought to your blog from another.....and I am here visiting. Your orange chiffon cake looks perfect and beautifully baked. When I bake this I usually add few tablespoons of poppy seeds for some litte crunch. Who knows next time if you add this you may like it.

    1. Hi Mel, really appreciate your comment and thanks for your 'crunchy' advice! Good day to you! =D