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12 Sep 2016

Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition 2016 : From Night to Light (19 Aug - 4th Sept)

An impromptu visit to Singapore Art Museum the other day since I was poke hunting nearby to check out what was currently on exhibit.

It definitely was refreshing and enlightening to find out that 'From Night to Light' actually highlights the rehabilitative journey the inmates had embarked through the involvement in art. They are guided by artist mentors who assisted them in the exploration of different mediums as well as themes revolving around 'home', 'hope' and 'transformation'.   

Making The Right Move by Sazali
Acrylic on Canvas
76 x 61 cm

Passages Beyond by Hameed
Batik on Rayon w Frame
70 x 70cm

Some concepts I definitely find rather creative and inspiring as well. (Note that all works are really great but I only select a couple to blog about.)

Using the chess set as well as the 4 chess pieces as a metaphor, 'Making The Right Move' illustrates the artist's reflection on his life as one wrong move in the game of chess could cause one to lose the entire game.  

'Passages Beyond' made use of windows as a metaphor as well, representing the countless opportunities that would await him upon his release from incarceration. 

Getting Back In Line by Raup
Acrylic on Canvas
122 x 61cm

Moving Towards The Light by Raup
Acrylic on Canvas
122 by 61cm

A Captain's Voyage by Razali
Acrylic on Canvas
46 x 91cm

Apart from using metaphors, most (if not all) the works here uses vibrant colours to depict 'leaving the past behind', 'bright future ahead' as well as the 'journey towards the light'. It was really amazing to indirectly experience the emotions of these inmates that were being portrayed through their artworks.  

Beside paintings, there were also many beautifully made ceramics as well. It was difficult to read those descriptions due to their placement but for all I know, they too contained those similar emotions welled up within each of them.

Anyway, end of post till I could dig out some time to visit other themed exhibits that would interest and inspire me! 

1 Sep 2016

Coffee:Nowhere Review

I was contemplating if I should blog this up since I have attended Coffee:Nowhere's tasting/educational session some time back. (I found out about the event and RSVPed through Facebook. Yes, I definitely still have been eating (a lot) but refrained from flooding my blog and Instagram with food related posts.

The first thing that came to mind was do I pronounce it as Coffee: Now here OR No where??
Now here would be the right one.

Anyway, in the 2013, the first flagship outlet was opened in Johor Bahru. They opened a couple of more outlets around Singapore as well as participated in countless championships which revolve around coffee. They even have coffee cupping sessions available which you might want to check out via their facebook page.  

Service charge would be waived off since customers could place their orders online using their mobile devices. Pardon my dirty phone screen since I wasn't expecting my prints was so obvious! Coffee beverages were definitely their speciality but non-caffeine drinkers would be pleased with other selections of drinks as well.  

Truffle Fries are definitely everywhere. Coffee:Nowhere's version have cheese which easily fell off these crisp shoestring fries. 

The Pizza Now:Here (smoked duck and lychee pizza) was an interesting combination which was light on the palate. Pizza base was thin and crisp, smoked duck wasn't too overpowering, leaving a subtle smoky aroma. The small slices of juicy lychees added 'moisture', just like pineapples on a Hawaiian pizza.

Chicky Chicks was a plate of mildly spicy mid wings, coated with a thick layer of super crispy batter. A crunch sound could easily be heard as I bite into one. Thankfully I managed to try a piece during the second round since it was rapidly wiped out before I could even take a photo of them during the first. 

Brunch Now:Here comprises of bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, toasts, sautéed mushrooms, sausage as well as salad. An all day breakfast menu would definitely be comforting to some.

Chilli Crab Pasta was quite a hit since generous portion of crab meat was seen piling on top of the tomato based thin-noodle pasta. Using the sauce to garnish the edges of the plate might come across as messy to me though.
(Note: Did not try much since crustacean is an allergen)

The Salted Egg Yolk Burger would perhaps need more sauce as I could not exactly savour the taste. (The piece I tried might be too small or lacked the sauce.) 

The Specialty Coffee Pau was definitely a HIT as well! I could tell since only one was left on the plate in matter of seconds before I could take a photo. It was the size of a siew mai and I tried half which was enough to impress me. The paste was almost like 'tau sar' or 'lian yong' consistency with mild coffee taste while the little bun was crisp just like a deep fried donut. The yellow slice on top was cheese by the way.

Anyway, there will be a generous 20% discount for all A-La-Carte items when you enter this coupon code 'BLOG137' when checkout
(Minimum order of $10, expire on 30/9/16)